5 questions to ask your physician or registered nurse prior to your consultation

1. Which brand do you use and why?

Make sure you are informed about the benefits and risks associated with the brand your healthcare professional uses and how they differ from other available brands. Ensure your healthcare professional uses a brand that has a trusted heritage of quality and is supported by clinical data for delivering results.


2. Has this anti-wrinkle treatment been extensively tested and researched?

Before you undergo anti-wrinkle treatments, you should make sure the product has been scientifically tested and has a proven track record. Ask your healthcare professional for any information that supports the safety and efficacy of the brand they recommend.


3. How quickly will I see the effects of the injection and how long will the results last?

Time to onset of action and duration of treatment are key factors that will contribute to your satisfaction. Ensure you ask your healthcare professional about how long it will take for you to notice the effects of the injection and to ensure you are happy with your result. Be sure to ask your healthcare professional how long to expect your results to last.


4. Are side effects different between brands?

When it comes to side effects, each product is different. Alsyas ask your healthcare professional about the brand of treatment being administered and ensure you discuss possible side effects and how they may vary based on the brand used for your treatment.


5. How satisfied are your patients with the results?

The best way to decide if the treatment will meet your needs is by looking at real results. Explain the result you want to achieve. You’ll want to ensure your healthcare professional can provide a product that has a long heritage of achieving results for patients and can do the same for you.