COVID-19 Update

Update 16/03/2020

We all find ourselves in very uncertain times with the current coronavirus infection. Travel restrictions and cancelled holidays, schools trying out learning from home and offices closing for employees to work from home. No one really knows how it will all unfold. 

Dr Patrick Briggs cares about the wellbeing of our patients and staff and we would like to reassure you that we will are doing our best to keep surfaces clean and will maintain a buffer between you and us where possible during your visit. We are struggling to source hand sanitiser as the stock piling and associated outages continues, but if we have it, it will be available for you to use. Alternatively we have soap and single use paper towel provided for your use in the bathroom

Considering this, we would ask that you please consider the health and safety of yourself and our staff when booking appointments. Without our staff, there will not be anyone to see any patients and unfortunately for the healthcare industry, it is not always possible to be able to work from home for a few weeks. Therefore, we ask that: 

If you have undertaken international travel in the past 14 days, please rebook your routine appointments and initial consultations, such as post-op appointments outside of 3 months post-surgery, initial visits to Dr Briggs to discuss surgical options, non-surgical Botox or Dermal Filler appointments and Medi Spa appointments, until after 14 days of your return to Perth. 

If you are unwell or experiencing any sign of fever, sore throat, fatigue, coughing or shortness of breath and you need to be seen for an appointment that you think cannot wait

* Please advise us that you are unwell and stay home.
* We can talk to you over the phone to discuss whether we think it is a matter of urgency that we see you in clinic.
* If we think you need to be seen in clinic, instructions will be given over the phone prior to your arrival

  If you are well and come in to see us, please: 

* Maintain a 1.5 metre distance between you and everyone else.
* Stand back from the front counter.
* Sit on the chairs in the consult rooms and reception area.
* If you need to cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth and nose with your elbow and don’t wipe your hands on anything!

If you or your family are on chronic medications or require prescriptions, consider how much you have on hand and if you should have a few weeks spare. At any point along the supply chain, an interruption may end up affecting you or your family. Freight may be disrupted, warehouses may close and we might be closed.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding on the above. It is a surreal and constantly evolving situation that we all find ourselves in. It is time for all of us to be mindful of the risk we pose to others, not just the risk that others may pose to us.  
Thank you 
Dr Patrick Briggs and Team 

For more information please refer to the WA Health Department websites

Phone us on: 08 9381 9300
or Email: [email protected]

Update 15/03/2020

Dr Briggs and his team are diligently keeping up to date with the ever evolving advice and status of the current Coronavirus situation both in WA and across the nation.

Based on current advice, we kindly ask that any patient who is unwell refrains from attending any appointments for a minimum of 14 days. We also ask anyone who has travelled to a high-risk area or have been in contact with someone recently traveling in those countries to avoid attending appointments for 14 days, even if feeling well.

Dr Patrick Briggs and his team have increased our already meticulous hygiene systems to ensure that infection transmission risk is minimised for COVID-19 and other germs.
This includes:

* Hand sanitiser available at the front desk, consult rooms and bathroom.

* Hand soap and single use paper towel for washing hands.

*Medical equipment is sprayed and wiped with a cleaning and disinfecting hospital grade solution after contact with patients.

* Increased cleaning of shared surfaces.

For more information please refer to the WA Health Department websites

If in doubt about whether to attend your appointment or for any other queries please contact our team.

Phone: 08 9381 9300 Email: [email protected]