Recover rapidly
after your Breast

With modern technology, research and technique, surgery these days doesn’t take you out of action for as long as it used to. Dr Briggs does remind that surgery can take up to a year to be 100% recovered. But most patients find they can get back to doing their normal activities quicker than they thought.

Dr Briggs talks about the term rapid recovery with his Breast Augmentation patients. Modern Breast Augmentation is usually performed by placing the implants under the muscle of the chest wall. The muscle response to this assault is to go into spasm.

If you have had a muscle spasm before it is unpleasant, rather like a permanent cramp. By stretching and moving the muscle, the spasm will be alleviated and the pain easily controlled!

Within two hours of returning to the ward post-surgery, your Breast Augmentation nurse will demonstrate you certain exercises, these exercises are for you to do 2 hourly for the first 3-4 days after your surgery.

Doing these exercises regularly increases your chances of having a quick and somewhat painless healing process.

If your surgeon hasn’t instructed you about post-operative exercises, your recovery time may be delayed. Dr Briggs is a highly experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon (over 25 years’ experience) and is committed to providing the absolute highest standard of care for his patients, while making sure they are comfortable, at ease, and well-informed at every stage of their Cosmetic Procedure.