Facial Ageing with Dr Patrick Briggs- An information Evening.


Who? Dr Patrick Briggs, Nurse Carla, Dermal Therapist Chanelle and you!

What? An information night on facial ageing. 

Where? 15 Railway Road Subiaco Perth, Western Australia  6008. 

When? The 2nd of March 2017 at 6pm.





We all know that it is inevitable that we are going to age. Wrinkles come, skin loses it’s elasticity and we yearn to have our youthful faces and bodies back.  We also know that there are different types of surgical and non surgical treatments and also exercise and dietary regimes that can help delay or prevent the ageing effect.

What most of us don’t know, is why we age, what causes the skin to sag and the eyelids to crease?

Facial ageing with Dr Briggs is an educational night on the different types of ageing, why it happens and what can be done to help alleviate it.

The night will consists of a presentation from Dr Briggs, a demonstration of treatment from Nurse Carla and a discussion of how to take care of your skin from Chanelle. There will be champagne and treats, Door prizes and goodie bags.

The evening is free of charge. 


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