Some people use the terms Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery interchangeably, when in fact these terms have very different meanings. If you’re interested in having any reconstructive surgical procedure, it is important to understand the difference. A Plastic Surgeon is fully trained in Reconstructive Surgery whereas a Cosmetic Surgeon can be a General Practitioner who decides to enter into the field of Cosmetic Surgery without the years of training that a Plastic Surgeon has.

Firstly you should be looking for a Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Cosmetic procedures. Experience in the procedure that you are considering is paramount. Your decision should be based on how comfortable you feel with the information you have received at your consultation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at your consultation

Plastic surgery forums can be informative and at the same time misleading. If you look closely at forums there is positive and negative comments written about every surgeon. It is advisable to have several consultations with different Plastic Surgeons. You can then make an informed decision about which surgeon best suits your needs.

A well trained receptionist will take the time to answer questions within the scope of their training. They will not be able to answer medical questions but they should be able to give enough information to assist you in making the decision to commit to a consultation such as costs, insurance, hospitals and experience.

Follow up care varies from surgeon to surgeon. It is very important to ask at your consultation what level of care to expect in the months following surgery.

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