Let’s Talk Pregnancy, Caesarean Sections and Tummy Tucks

I am frequently asked the question “Can I have a tummy tuck if I delivered by caesarean section?”

When your baby is delivered by Caesarean section, your obstetrician has to gain access to the uterus by cutting the lower abdominal muscles. These muscles are repaired after delivery. The fact that you have had a Caesarean will not necessarily impact on what happens later on in life with regard to your tummy. If you maintain a static weight, exercise regularly and maintain a good diet, you probably will not need a tummy tuck at a later stage.

However, other factors can intrude, such as number of children, size of babies, weight gain in pregnancy, etc. So there is no direct formula as to what can or would happen following delivery of your family.

In any event, having a tummy tack does not involve cutting of muscle and, as such, is generally not as painful as a Caesarean. In some instances, the muscles are sewn back together to give a flatter result. This is not the same as cutting the muscle.

The end issue is of course whether you need a tummy tuck or not, and this will depend on the amount of loose skin that is present after all your children have been delivered.

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