Love the Chin You’re in

Not a fan of your double chin?

Dr Briggs offers an injectable product that permanently dissolves fat. It is a clinically proven product that reduces the appearance of submental fullness or the “double chin”. It works by using deoxycholic acid to break down the fat, this acid is a natural occurring substance within the body and already works to break down and absorb dietary fat.

1. How long does it last? 
Retreatment is not expected with this product, once you have run the full course you shouldn’t expect to see your double chin again.

2. How many treatments will I need?
Each patient differs depending on how much fat is present. The treatment varies from 4-6 sessions, however a vast majority see visible results within 2-4 sessions.

3. Am I a candidate? 
Not every person is a candidate for this treatment. The fat must be pre-platysmal, your doctor will be able to determine this from a quick examination.

4. How long does the treatment go for?
The session is relatively quick lasting from 15-25 minutes. Patients will have between 2-6 sessions with 1 month between each session.

5. Is it painful?
Belkyra can be a little stingy. Your doctor will use different methods to counteract this effect, you can discuss this with them during the consultation.

6. What should I expect during and after my treatment.
The treatment consists of your doctor marking a grid on your submental fat area. They will then inject a series of small injections into the area. Post treatment the area will be warm, a little pink and some swelling. The first session the patient will be somewhat swollen and may not see a difference, however after the second session improvements will start to be visible.


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