Are your ‘man boobs’ stopping you from becoming Mr Muscle?

Australia is in the midst of a protein intake, muscle bulk up craze. There are 24-hour gyms on every suburban corner. The more muscle you show, the more iron you pump, the better your chest is going to look! True? Not always.

‘Man Boobs’, technically known as Gynaecomastia (enlarged breasts in men) is a condition that is actually quite common and can be treated effectively by surgery.

All men have some breast tissue. A few, unfortunately, have an excessive amount. Indeed, in some cases male breasts can be equivalent to a woman’s C cup in size.

Occasionally this is due to a hormone imbalance, however, in most instances there is no detectable abnormality either on blood tests or clinical examination.

Regardless of the cause, this condition causes men a great deal of embarrassment. Many report they forego swimming and sunbathing to avoid taking their shirts off.

Older boys may even play truant rather than subject themselves to physical education classes if they are required to shower afterwards.


What will surgery do for me?

In some cases, gynaecomastia can be improved with non-surgical treatments, such as changing a medication or by medically treating the cause of the abnormal hormone levels.

For some men however, no amount of exercise or diet will solve the problem. However surgery, by removing the excess tissue, can permanently restore a normal appearance and may be the best treatment option.

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