Smoking Week

Smoking and surgery – Not a good marriage! The patient in the above photo has "delayed healing". After a garage door falling on his head his surgeon created a skin flap in order to repair the damage. Being a regular smoker this skin flap has now died. Looking at the photo you can see necrosis happening around the edges of the wound. He now requires further surgery in hopes to save his scalp. However unless this patient...

Explaining volume loss & its role in the aging process

As we age, skin may appear to droop as if gravity is pulling it down. However, it’s not just gravity that changes your face, it is biological ageing, sunlight exposure, lack of hydration and smoking. These factors can influence all layers in the structure of our face and contribute to the appearance of ageing. The first facelift was done by sir Harold Gillies, a London based New Zealandplastic surgeon. Indeed Sir Harold i...

Let’s talk about scars

Scars are a consequence of surgery. Patients are naturally concerned about the size and quality of a scar and the long term result. All scars will improve over time but never completely disappear. The ideal outcome is a flat pale scar that is barely discern able but not invisible. Scar tissue is a normal result of the healing process and can be the result of injury, trauma or previous surgery. Scars are permanent in natu...