Wrinkle Relaxers

In my practice Wrinkle Relaxer treatment is a valuable service I provide for my patients in the most convenient, safe, professional and caring environment. The results of Wrinkle Relaxer treatment are, in medical terms, “dose dependent”. This dose is measured in units.
This means that the greater dose administered, the more profound the result will be.

To know you’re getting good value and quality Wrinkle Relaxer treatment you should ask to be charged per unit and find out what your dose should be. The costs of treatment in Western Australia varies significantly with pricing ranging between $15.00-$22.00 per unit (including GST).

I use a Unit Pricing Policy (UPP) and fully educate our patients about treatment and cost at the time of consultation.


Initial consultation with Dr Patrick Briggs is $75 and redeemable on treatment.

Wrinkle Relaxants $14.95 per unit (including GST)

To make your booking, call our reception on 08 93­81 9300 or alternatively contact us by filling the form with your preference and we can confirm your booking.