Tummy Tuck Perth

Abdominoplasty For A Toned And Firmer Stomach

Deciding to have an Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a life changing decision for many. It restores confidence in you and your body, particularly after childbirth, weight loss or aging. The natural elasticity of your skin diminishes over time, and this surgery can dramatically reduce the signs of weight change and pregnancy. Dr Patrick Briggs in Perth offers comprehensive consultations and abdominoplasty procedures.

At Dr Patrick Briggs’ surgery we believe that Abdominoplasty is the second step to achieving the body you have always wanted. The first step is to contact us to see how we can help you.

About abdominoplasty

It is important to note that the tummy tuck is not designed to be a weight loss procedure; its main objective is to help you achieve a better defined and contoured appearance of your abdomen.

An abdominoplasty can involve a number of different procedures within the same operation to produce certain results. Cosmetic surgery is an individual process and all the procedures we conduct are based on the exact specifications of our clients. This is a unisex cosmetic surgery procedure and can be conducted successfully on both males and females.

Your consultation

Before we decide to perform abdominal surgery on any prospective patient, we arrange for the patient to take part in an in-depth consultation process. Dr Briggs will discuss in detail your suitability for surgery and the specific outcomes that you want to achieve by having an Abdominoplasty.

Your surgery

Abdominoplasty is carried out under general anaesthetic and consists of removing excess skin and fat from around the stomach and abdominal area. If required, we can also tighten the abdominal muscles. This tummy tuck surgery produces a smoother, firmer and flatter stomach. The procedure takes around three hours to complete and will require two nights in hospital.

During and after your two nights in hospital, you will consistently be treated by the same medical professionals. Dr Briggs works with the same team to ensure that all our patients enjoy the same excellent continuity of care. We have worked diligently to establish best practice medical procedures so our patients remain confident in the standard of care and attention they receive.

After surgery

After your tummy tuck operation, you are given expert care and advice to make sure that your procedure provides the results you want. We advise all our clients to take at least two weeks off work after surgery to give their bodies the time it needs to recover.

Even after full recovery, our patients remain with Dr Briggs as outpatients for one to two years. He makes sure that the healing process is proceeding as normal, and that all scars associated with surgery are fading and healing.

To ensure the scars heal well, you will be required to wear a compression garment for a minimum of six weeks. It helps to avoid swelling and prevents a build-up of fluid around the surgery area.

Your surgeon

Trained and proficient in all areas of plastic surgery, Dr Patrick Briggs has over thirty years’ medical experience behind him, and now also specializes in cosmetic surgery. He has built up a wealth of experience and knowledge in both fields, has performed many surgeries and enjoys a long list of  satisfied patients.

Before you make a decision regarding Abdominoplasty please contact us at Dr Patrick Briggs clinic in Perth where we discuss all options that are open to you in a confidential space.