Gender Reassignment

Gender reassignment surgery is surgery designed to help individuals redefine physically what they always knew they were. The process of undergoing surgery is a lengthy one as it normally entails living as a member of the chosen sex, taking the appropriate hormones, receiving psychological support and care and then lastly choosing a surgeon with the requisite qualifications, skills experience and interest.

Most surgeons require a patient to have been under the care of a psychologist and/or psychiatrist and to have the support of their mental health professional.

Most gender reassignment surgery is breast surgery. Only 20% (if that) of transsexuals will have a genital reconstruction.

In female to male patients (FTM) the surgery has gained the moniker TOP Surgery and when this term is used it is almost exclusively used in connection with female to male (FTM) patients.

In male to female patients (MTF) breast augmentation may be carried out in exactly the same way as in female patients seeking enhancement. The only limitation on size is the tautness of the skin.