Gender Reassignment Surgery Perth

Transgender surgery to give you confidence

Gender reassignment surgery or SRS is designed to help individuals physically redefine what they always knew they were. The process of undergoing surgery is a lengthy one that generally entails living as a member of the individual’s chosen sex, taking the appropriate hormones, receiving psychological support and care, and then choosing a surgeon with the requisite qualifications, skills experience and interest.

Dr Patrick Briggs is a cosmetic and plastic surgeon with all the right qualifications. He performs sex reassignment surgery for transgender patients who have been under the care of a Psychologist and/or Psychiatrist, and have the support of their mental health professionals.

Always taking the mental health doctors’ assessments into account, Dr Briggs works with you and alongside our skilled medical team, to help you achieve your goals.

Female to male (FTM)

The moniker ‘top surgery’ focuses on breast surgery and is almost exclusively used in connection with female to male (FTM) patients. Dr Briggs has comprehensive experience in bilateral mastectomy and chest contouring, that alters the female breast to mimic and function as a male form. However, there are several technical aspects that need to be considered beforehand.

Technical variations of top surgery

A transgender operation focusses largely around breast surgery, which all depends on the size of the current breast. In a small-chested individual, a flat chest is created with keyhole surgery and virtually no scar is visible. However, not all FTM patients are small-breasted and sometimes a transverse scar needs to be created across the chest wall at the nipple line. The nipple is then replaced as a skin-graft. This procedure results in a flat chest but there is a scar. Only your surgeon may advise on the technique best suited to your physical form.

You will be advised of the risks of the surgery and the potential for further surgery after all healing has taken place; occasionally a follow up surgery is required to remove loose skin. As for genital surgery, only 20% (if that) of transsexuals will have genital reconstruction, but you can chat to Dr Briggs about your decisions regarding this procedure.

Male to female (MTF)

In male to female patients, breast augmentation is carried out in exactly the same way as in female patients seeking enhancement. The only limitation on size is the tautness of the skin. Patients generally undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and in many instances, the removal of facial hair.

Transsexual surgery is a hugely personal and extremely delicate journey to undertake. Dr Patrick Briggs and his supporting medical and surgical team are discrete, professional, caring and wholly interested in ensuring your experience is as comfortable as possible.

Contact us today to find out more about gender reassignment surgery and how we can assist you.