Our Staff Christmas party!

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Every year Dr Briggs and his team finish off a successful year with a christmas party. In the years gone different restaurants and bars have been trialed along with boat trips and short plane rides. However this year the party involved an activity a little more challenging than usual.
We set off to Fremantle where our party of 8 split into two groups of 4, ready to try out what’s known as the Escape Hunt Perth.
The Escape Hunt consists of you and your team being locked in a room with 60 minutes on the clock, a backstory at hand and clues hidden throughout the themed room you must find your way out.

Our group were all detectives, given a task at finding out how a prisoner escaped. Many locks, syphers and calculations later the game was over. Out of our two groups, only one managed to escape!

After all our hard work, we wandered for a minute or so down Fremantle south terrace to a beautiful restaurant called La Sosta. Traditional Italian cuisine and a cocktail and wine list incredibly long, it was perfect for us. We were seated on their balcony looking over the pretty festive lights spread across the street.

After many cosmopolitans and praise of everyone’s hard work over the year the night came to an end. All in all, both the Escape Hunt and La Sosta was a delight, we would definitely recommend them.