Surgery after massive weight loss


After massive weight loss, considered to be the shedding of between anything from 20kg to 60kg, there is still some way to go before reaching that body beautiful.

With sagging and excess skin remaining around the areas of the weight loss, many people are turning to plastic surgery to remove the remaining evidence of a once bigger body.

Plastic surgeons are trained to safely re-sculpture the body into normal contours for both aesthetic and structural reasons.

The bigger weight loss figures are usually a result of procedures such as Lap Banding, where a band is positioned around part of the stomach area to decrease food intake.

In this instance, it is likely the patient will need a number of procedures to remove the excess skin surrounding the body, while others may only need to target specific areas such as the arms or thighs.


Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift surgery is considered to be the most extensive body contour operation and focuses on the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue around the middle and lower abdomen, back and hips. However, the outer thighs and buttocks may also be targeted after a total body lift or lower body lift.

Also known as torsoplasty, body lift surgery may also involve the tightening of muscles in the abdominal wall. As few, or as many, procedures as you like may be performed, depending on where the extra skin is on the body. Some of the various procedures in addition to the body lift surgery are:



Abdominoplasty surgery, also commonly referred to as a “tummy tuck”, has become the common method for removal of skin and fat in this area. Whilst this will give the abdomen a firmer, flatter looking appearance, structural abnormalities can also be corrected. These may include the tightening of abdominal muscles or repairing hernias.


Medial Thigh Lift / Arm Lift

The upper arms and thighs commonly fall victim to loose, saggy skin as a result of the skin stretching to accommodate excess fat. This can be removed, and the area aesthetically re-sculptured with a medial thighplasty or arm lift procedure.


Breast Lift or Mastopexy

A breast lift will remove remaining skin that causes breasts to sag and reposition the breasts for an improved, more youthful look.


After Surgery

The procedures all differ in their level of complexity so a hospital stay may vary from several hours to days. Movement is likely to be uncomfortable due to swelling and moderate pain can be expected for two days afterwards. However, with the major surgery over, patients are only weeks away from a body of their dreams.


The Risks

Plastic surgeons carry out thousands of successful procedures each year and serious problems are uncommon. Problems which may occur includes low-healing, swelling, numbness and itching. The likelihood of possible complications can be decreased by following a recommended routine from the surgeon.


The Results

Results will become apparent immediately, although there will be bruising and swelling for two to three weeks. By four to six months swelling and scarring is likely to have subsided, however some scarring is permanent. When making incisions the position and visibility of scars is carefully considered by the surgeon. Body contouring results are dramatic and with well hidden scars the change of body shape is immediately noticeable.

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