IN MY 20’S

The breasts are a physiological organ and are designed primarily for milk production for the neonate. The younger a woman starts having children and the more children she has and the more breastfeeding she does will have a profound effect on both the shape of the breasts and their inherent volume. In your 20s if you have no children there will be little or no change to your breast tissue unless you yo-yo diet to a significant degree i.e. 20 kg or so.

The breasts also have ligaments just like a knee or elbow and these ligaments will stretch with the effect of gravity. This is why plastic surgeons always advise women to wear good support. Going bra less is not good for the shape of your breasts.


IN MY 30’S

By the late 30s gravity is beginning to take hold with regard to the shape of the breasts. The changes that may occur due to gravity are greatest in this decade but will be compounded by pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss and gain. There is no doubt that genetics also play a part. However none of us can choose our parents. The same advice persists— wear good support.



To a certain extent the game plan has already been laid out. If you have had lots of children done lots of breastfeeding yo-yo dieted and gone bra less it is more likely than not that the damage is done and the only way to try and retrieve a youthful breast is with surgery.

Breast surgery will help dramatically in restoring a youthfulness following the ravages of child bearing and breastfeeding. For some patients may just be that they need a relocation of the nipple. This will involve excision of some skin and the relocation of the nipple to a more aesthetic position.

It may well be in the future that we can replace breast volume with fat transfer. There are one or two plastic surgery centres throughout the world that are experimenting with fat transfer. This is a prolonged and unpredictable procedure presently. Perhaps in time it may become the procedure of choice.